Here you can find an overview of the most frequently asked questions.
If you have any other questions, please contact us.
We’re sure we will have an answer for you.

  1. What is required to register on FlirtInn?
  2. I have not received a confirmation mail for activation. What now?
  3. Do I need a paid subscription for your services?
  4. What are Coins?
  5. Why do I have to charge paid credit (Coins) to continue to use your services?
  6. Does everything really cost credits (Coins)?
  7. Can I test FlirtInn for free?
  8. When are the Coins, which I paid, show in my profile or credit?
  9. Can I convert the Coins again into real money (literally pay)?
  10. I can not upload my photo?
  11. Why is my uploaded image no longer visible in my profile?
  12. Why can not I change some data in my profile such as date of birth, postcode, etc. and must I contact the support?
  13. Someone is using a stolen photo, what should I do?
  14. What does "search filter" mean when searching?
  15. I have received advertising about your message system. What can I do?
  16. FlirtInn is not displayed correctly in my browser, everything looks shifted and displaced. What can I do?
  17. How can I disable my profile?
  18. How can I delete my profile?